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Fabulous Mom Friday: Madi White


Welcome back, our lovely followers! Welcome to part 2 of our special interviews with the lovely mommas that run a blog and Instagram by the name of raspberryscribbles! Last week we posted Ashley's awesome interview, now it's Madi's turn!

LPC: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

MW: My full name is Madeline, but you can call me Madi.:) I’m from Northern Utah and married a Seattle guy. I studied graphic design and love to create things, which, like Ashley keeps me sane! My husband and I love to travel and have made it work here and there even after having kids. I love watching Friends, The Office, and How I Met Your Mother on repeat!

LPC: Tell us about your kiddos. 

MW: I have two kids, Halle is 2 and Beau is 4 months. It’s been a little crazy around here for the past couple months, I’ve said things I never thought I’d say like, “Don’t lick your brother while he’s sleeping.” But.... I wouldn’t change a thing!

LPC: What is your favorite thing to post about on Instagram?

MW: I think it stems from photography, I love when I’ve been able to accurately capture something through the lens, a beautiful moment with others, or a beautiful thing. It’s fun to share that with others. I love when other people share their light and creativity on Instagram, so I love when we can add ours as well!

LPC: Which of our products do you love?

MW: Give me all the snapback hats, little baby cardigans, and button up onesies! Going from having a girl to having a boy, it’s much harder to find cute, unique clothes but I really love your site and all the great options!

LPC: What would your autobiography be called?

MW: Oh this is a hard one! Something about how I’m so perfect at balancing life and motherhood. (Hard core winky face there;)

LPC: How did you and Ashley meet?

MW: We met in a sculpture class at Utah State University in the fall of 2013. We bonded over the fact that we both had been married earlier in the year and were in a class we weren’t necessarily interested in, but needed to take for our art majors. After that we took at least two classes a semester together! We became fast friends, and I love that our blog keeps us in touch daily! 

These women have been wonderful to work with! Jealous of baby Beau's outfit? Throw on our trendy flat bill Best Kid Ever Snapback that comes in other colors! Also our long sleeve coral canvas bodysuit is fit for any occasion.

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