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Lucky Colors for 2018


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A new year already?! Well it's out with the old and in with the new! It's time to clean out all of the closets and insert new items that have this year's lucky colors: black, blue, and green. I love these colors because they're so bold and strong, like our princes! Keep reading on to choose from items in our old and new collections in these brilliant colors.

OLD COLLECTION: Our black and white check zipper tie is perfect for any casual or formal event due to its subtly striking color scheme and pattern. Any kid can rock this!

NEW COLLECTION: Okay this one is seriously so cute. The black aviator shirt has adorable sunglasses printed as if they're hanging out of a pocket. How nifty is that?! Definitely one of my favorites!

OLD COLLECTION: This baby blue and white cardigan bodysuit is so precious and perfect for any little baby boy! This color is a classic and will never get old. And look how cute that pocket is!

NEW COLLECTION: Okay, this tie is pretty stinkin' cool and fits 2018 perfectly because it has all three lucky colors, but I think the blue stands out the most. Our cerulean and midnight plaid zipper tie is a great last-minute add on to cute button-up shirts

OLD COLLECTION: Cutie alert! This green and white stripe long sleeve raglan shirt is perfect for chilly days coming up in the new year! It's such a great shade, too!

NEW COLLECTION:  I know your immediate thought is, "This tie is too Christmas-y" but c'mon, how can you say no to this in the middle of June? It's just so good looking, just like your prince! Our holly and black plaid zipper tie is lovely all year round.

This is going to such a fun, exciting, and truly NEW year with twists and turns every which way. Hopefully you and your family equip these lucky colors for the ride!

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