#WCW Spotlight: See It, Try It, Love It

4th Nov 2015

Today on the Prince Post, we are #WCWing on two amazing women: Crystal Cummard and Hayley Miller from See it, Try it, Love it. We love seeing successful, working mamas and are proud to tell you all about them and their lovely blog. 

When it comes to food, these ladies don’t disappoint! They do the leg work, finding the best places to eat, recipes, or even store bought treasures, and review them for you. So before your next date night, girls night out, or grocery trip, come check out their drool-worthy posts at seeittryitloveitblogspot.com, on Instagram @seeittryitloveit, or their Facebook Page for great advice.

LPC: Hi, Crystal and Hayley, tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Crystal: I am a stay at home mom of five kids. Two boys and three girls. I am a Mesa Native, who loves her alma mater, Mesa High! I enjoy reading, catching up on my favorite shows, cooking, travel, and of course, eating!

Hayley: I’ve always had a passion for skin care, fashion, traveling, and food! I went to school to be an aesthetician, and have been doing that on and off for the past nine years. I also worked in retail on and off for five years ( being a personal stylist at Nordstrom was definitely one of my favorite jobs). I love traveling, if you follow our feed, you'll see how often I go out of town. I just can't pass up a vacation! :) Lastly, I'm obsessed with food and couldn't think of anyone better than my sister and me to do what we do.

LPC: You both certainly have a lot going on, and a successful blog and Instagram on top of it all, too! What inspired you to start your blog/Instagram?

Crystal: Two things. First, every time I tried out a new place or found something new to eat, I would start telling everyone who would listen. Soon everyone was calling and asking me what place they should eat at. Second, I was trying to find a feed that would tell me about all the new food places to try in and around the valley, and what to get there. Since I couldn’t find one, I decided to be the ONE. And since my sister shares my passion for food, there was, of course, no one better to do it with.

LPC: Do you have a little prince(s)/princess(es)?

Crystal: Yes, two boys and three girls who are all brimming with personality and have the same love of food as I do.

Hayley: I have two little girls, 20 months apart, whom are the best of friends. My oldest just turned three.

LPC: Your littles are just darling! What’s your favorite Little Prince Couture tie? Favorite shirt?

Hayley: I love the black and gold plaid tie combo… But seriously, if I ever have a boy, you bet I'll be putting him in the bow tie! So cute! I also love all the v neck onesies. Especially the black. I feel like solid black is such a hard color to find. I would definitely stock up on those. And the chambray dress shirt is the cutest thing ever.

LPC: What’s your favorite movie, TV show, and book?

Crystal: This question is like asking, who is your favorite child, since I love tv, books, and movies almost as much as my kids! But lets see…… Girls Just Want to Have Fun, The Middle, but basically anything other than reality. No, I do not like the Bachelor. And book would probably be the one I just finished, The Traveler’s Gift, and of course the Harry Potter series.

Hayley: Well, Girls Just Want to Have Fun I definitely agree is one of the best movies ever... But I, on the other hand, LOVE reality TV, especially the Bachelor (unlike my sister). I seriously love so many shows right now, it's not even funny and don't have enough time to watch them all. My favorite comedy series right now is The Last Man on Earth and, of course, The Mindy Project. I'm not a big reader but I have always loved personality books like The Color Code and The 5 Love Languages. I would make every guy I dated take the color code test, if I knew they didn't have much "blue" in them, I knew it wouldn't work out. 

LPC: Those are some great picks! What’s the hardest part about being an entrepreneur?

Crystal: How much time it takes! Luckily having a partner helps lighten the load. Being both stay-at-home-moms now, it's definitely hard finding time, especially where both of our schedules coordinate.

LPC: If someone could just bottle up time, they would make a fortune! Tell us something that at first glance people wouldn’t guess about you.

Crystal: I am a professional Car Singer/Dancer!

Hayley: I hate airports and flying! If I don't take Dramamine before hand... You don't want to be sitting next to me on a plane.You'd think I'd be over it traveling as much as I do... I wish.

LPC: What advice do you have for someone looking to start up their own business?

Crystal: It better be something you have a passion about and try your hardest to prioritize. It takes a lot of work and time so if you are going to do it, do it all the way!

LPC: All or nothing, I love it! Another fun one: Who’s your favorite Disney sidekick?

Hayley: Does the magic carpet on Aladdin count? Seriously how cool would that be?!

LPC: Ha! That would be awesome! Not only do you get to fly everywhere, but your best friends are a monkey, an elephant, and a genie!

Thank you both for chatting with us!

I can say from personal experience that these ladies are true Foodies! In my house, part of our Halloween tradition is to have chili before trick-or-treating, and while I still made my Aunt’s recipe, I decided to give See It, Try It, Love It’s Award Winning White Chili recipe a try too. Oh-my-goodness was it delicious! I had doubled the recipe (we have a lot of people over for Halloween) and it didn’t even make it to leftover status. A definite new favorite!